Hello world!

Have just found the ideal place for old-fashioned netizens.

Oh the nostalgy. How I loved those personal websites. Now I will have one, again!


»» 16th May, 2019
Yes it is past 2 a.m., and the first gallery has been uploaded to the image section.

»» 12th May, 2019
Cannot get enough of dark/goth stereotypes!
Ver. 2.0 of the silliness has just arrived.

»» 20th April, 2019
Feeling completely crazy while having fun and live-developing this site - assuming this can be considered as "developing".
This website is aimed to be as outdated and as non-professional as I want it to be. I don't care if it is not responsive or valid, and I am on the way to make a terrible colour scheme and the logo is so stereotypical as possible.
At least I am having a good laugh.